Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is high on our list of priorities. All of our plantings are low maintenance, but things can get out of control very quickly, especially if there is already a preexisting weed problem. We can come twice a month, or twice a year depending on how much you need us. Over time it requires very little to keeping things beautiful. Plants start growing in, keeping weeds out, and pruning is done as needed. Using native plants also helps with insect problems, as these plants have evolved to handle the stress of our weather extremes. We do not use any chemicals or fertilizers on our plantings, which is also another benefit using natives, as they are adaptable to our rocky clay soil of Pa. We also provide deer control if necessary, using natural sprays to help keep them from devouring the plantings, or if the problem is severe, just sticking with plants they don't eat (at least not yet!). Your garden will always be evolving, so it's important to know that while maintenance should be minimal, it is crucial to keep things looking their best in all 4 seasons.

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