Hello everyone! It's the end of February as I am writing this, and a few days ago I noticed that my Witchhazel tree was in full bloom. I walked to another area of the garden and saw my Snowdrop bulbs popping up and starting to open. The first signs of spring were here. I do love the starkness and quiet of winter, but my longing for flowers starts soon after I see these harbingers of spring.

Hello and happy new year!

Scott and I are finally coming out of hibernation, and guess what? There are signs of spring popping up all around us. The birds started changing their songs at the end of January, and a few weeks later their singing is getting stronger every day. They know it’s time to start rockin!

Wow! What a year. Last year I was telling you how great all the rain was the summer before, and this year was the complete opposite. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have the rain than desert conditions. I spent so much time watering after I got home, my kids were wondering who the crazy, dirty chic was in the yard. It certainly couldn’t be their mother, who they hadn’t talked to in a while. Believe me, I can’t stand watering. It just takes too much time out of the day, which is why I am glad many of you use the soaker hoses. It needs to be CONVENIENT(and efficient), otherwise the plants that you have invested a lot into just shrivel up and die. Plants are living, breathing organisms, so make sure you give them a drink this summer. Many plants (especially new plantings) will need some extra care this summer after the nightmare that was last season.

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